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Micellar Casein Z6

Size:2 lbs

MRI Micellar Casein Z6 contains 20g of Slow Absorbing Protein per scoop. Speed is the key to engaging whole body anabolism; however, not at the rate that you may be thinking. It's time to slow things down a bit with Micellar Casein Z6. You see, fast-absorbing whey protein may be ideal for pre or post-workout muscle support, but it does not stay in the system for extended periods of time. This poses a bit of a quandary. On one hand, fast-absorbing protein is excellent for helping to jump-start recovery. On the other hand, the full process of recovery can take 24 to 48 hours to complete. This leaves a tremendous gap in lean muscle support. Fortunately, there's Micellar Casein Z6, only from MRI. Micellar Casein Z6 features a unique protein that may take up to 7 hours to digest. That's up to 7 hours of amino acid dispersion to counter whole body protein breakdown and support whole body protein anabolism.

Taking the Time to Grow

Micellar Casein Z6 is an expertly crafted formula that leverages the slow-digesting qualities of micellar casein protein, and then optimizes it with anabolic Zinc plus Vitamin B6. With Micellar Casein Z6 you can experience a level of extended amino acid dispersion and prolonged anabolic support impossible to achieve with fast-absorbing whey.

  • Promotes Whole Body Anabolism
  • Extended Recovery Phase
  • Slow Delivery of Muscle-Feeding Nitrogen
  • Supports Muscle Protein Synthesis
Micellar Casein Z6 – the protein of choice for prolonged anabolic support.

The New "King" of Protein

For decades, whey protein has been hailed the "king of protein" due, in part, to its fast absorbing qualities. However, its greatest strength happens to be its greatest weakness. Although it rapidly disperses amino acids into the system, whey doesn't "stick around" for very long. Relative to supporting full recovery potential, this is whey's "limiting factor."

MRI MICELLAR CASEIN Z6 is an advanced, anti-catabolic protein designed to help preserve your gains and feed extended recovery potential. When developing this dynamic formula, we demanded nothing short of pure micellar casein. This undenatured form of casein yields a premium protein that delivers all of the naturally occurring casein proteins in milk (alpha, beta and kappa caseins).

Due to its unique properties, casein facilitates up to 7 hour response to protein absorption. Relative to nitrogen delivery Micellar Casein -Strawberry and a longer lasting anabolic recovery phase than whey protein, this means that micellar casein is "in it for the long haul." This serves to support whole body protein anabolism while inhibiting whole body protein breakdown. Even better, a serving of casein prior to bed time could be advantageous to increasing muscle hypertrophy.

MRI MICELLAR CASEIN Z6 is powered with added Zinc and Vitamin B6, two nutrients that may enhance the body's recovery and growth potential. Zinc may support the synthesis of the anabolic hormones testosterone and IGF-1 while Vitamin B6 helps to "unlock" nutrients from foods and supports serotonin levels, the neurotransmitter that controls mood and sleep patterns.

  1. Post Workout: A serving of Micellar Casein Z6 post workout an hour after training helps to "take over" the process of recovery after whey protein has dispersed.
  2. Before Bed: A serving of Micellar Casein Z6 right before bed provides a prolonged "flow" of amino acids and anabolic ingredients that help counter night time muscle catabolism and "feed" hypertrophy.
  3. Between Meals: Due to its slow digesting qualities, casein protein may be more satiating than some other sources of milk protein. Therefore, Micellar Casein Z6 could be used between meals to help keep you on nutritional track.
When it comes to supporting recovery, satiety, and whole-body anabolism, Micellar Casein Z6 is "in it for the long haul."

Casein Protein 101

Casein protein is derived from milk (the "other" protein is whey). To be specific, casein comprises up to 80% of the whole protein present in milk, where casein suspends as tiny particles called "casein micelles." In its "pure form" (as it is found in Micellar Casein Z6), casein is sometimes called "native milk protein." In its "native" state, casein protein offers a host of benefits ideal for supporting recovery and lean muscle preservation.

One of the critical key attributes of casein protein is its slow rate of digestion; some studies indicate casein can facilitate up to 7 hours response to protein. This is a markedly slower rate compared to whey and soy protein and provides extended delivery of nitrogen and a longer lasting anabolic recovery phase Such an extended response could have provided an extended delivery of nitrogen and a longer lasting recovery phase. In fact, the slow digesting pattern of casein could support the muscle synthesis pattern to increase muscle size.

Two key reasons for this effect (beyond slow absorption) have to do with the amino acid profile of casein. Casein is naturally rich in the amino acid glutamine, which contributes essential amino acid support. Second, casein promotes a higher whole-body Leucine balance. In one recent study, casein induced a prolonged plateau of moderate hyperaminoacidemia (excess amino acids in the bloodstream) – and whole body protein breakdown was inhibited by 34% after (but not after whey protein ingestion).

Additionally, casein has become a popular way to promote appetite control among diet-conscious fitness enthusiasts. The core reason for this is quite logical; casein may help to increase the feeling of fullness (satiation) compared to other proteins. To help drive home the point, a small-scale study published in the March 2011 issue of The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition has shown that casein was more satiating than whey protein as was indicated by the subjective indexes of appetite sensation. Interestingly, an earlier study, from the October 2010 edition of The British Journal of Nutrition, found that whey was more filling than eggs, tuna or turkey.

Micellar Casein Z6 is expertly crafted with research-backed levels of slow-digesting micellar casein for extended whole body support and anabolism.

Slow Down, Growth Takes Time

Complete muscle recovery does not happen "in a flash" – it takes time, and plenty of it. The problem is that proteins like whey and soy can supply amino acids for only a limited period of time. Micellar Casein Z6 offers extended protein digestion that can supply up to 7 hours of amino acid dispersion. This may be especially useful for bedtime as a type of nutritional "gap insurance" that helps counter muscle catabolism while you sleep. Even better, with its smooth, rich flavor, Micellar Casein Z6 is ideal anytime as a protein-packed, satiating snack to help offset feeling of hunger.

* [1] Note: Unless otherwise noted, this product has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. Our natural products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.