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Complete Digestive Care Kit

Size:1 piece

The Complete Digestive Care Kit is developed to address all areas of your digestive health on a monthly basis. The Digestive Care Kit contains:

BrightBiotics - Prebiotic Formula - 3.8 oz

Prebiotics are the lesser-known siblings of probiotics. Prebiotics are non-digestible food ingredients that stimulate the growth and activity of beneficial microorganisms in the gut and provide the foundation for the probiotics to flourish.

Whereas probiotics are living organisms, prebiotics are not. Prebiotics can help nourish the bacteria naturally found in our intestines. The body itself does not digest these plant fibers. They act like a fertilizer to promote the growth of bacteria in the gut. Prebiotics are found naturally in many foods, such as oatmeal and other whole grains, and many fruits and vegetables, including artichokes, asparagus, onions, and bananas.

Both prebiotics and probiotics are valuable for our health and wellness and can act symbiotically to provide numerous health benefits. How do prebiotics improve my digestive health and overall well-being? By making sure your body has enough prebiotic fiber, you are taking positive steps to ensure colon health, colon cleansing, and reduced toxicity.

  • Enhances the beneficial effects of probiotics
  • Maintains bowel regularity to help eliminate harmful waste and toxics
  • Improved calcium and mineral absorption
  • Supports the immune system to help protect against harmful bacteria and illness

Why are prebiotics important?

Prebiotics supply the energy that probiotics (beneficial intestinal bacteria) need to keep doing their job and keep your digestive system healthy. This is important because probiotics are responsible for ensuring that the intestines and colon maintain a healthy bacterial balance, which in turn creates the conditions necessary for healthy digestion. When working properly, your body can extract, retain, and transport the necessary nutrients, vitamins, and minerals from the foods you eat to use as fuel. Prebiotics and probiotics work together to improve digestive health.

BrightBiotics Probiotic - Ultimate Care Formula -30 capsules

A complete daily probiotic supplement formulated to help maintain a balanced intestinal environment and provide daily digestive and immune support. Many probiotic supplements on the market contain a just a single strain of healthy bacteria, but BrightBiotics™ contains 15 different clinically studied strains and 50 billion live cultures per capsule. This is important because different strains provide different benefits throughout the digestive system, so a formula with multiple strains will provide a broader range of benefits.

Many probiotic supplements on the market contain just a single strain of healthy bacteria, but BrightBiotics contains 15 different clinically studied strains and 50 billion live cultures per capsule. This is important because different strains provide different benefits throughout the digestive system, so a formula with multiple strains will provide a broader range of benefits.

Lactobacilli and Bifidobacteria are 2 types of good bacteria. They make up the majority of the beneficial microorganisms in a healthy digestive tract. BrightBiotics™ includes several different strains of each, along with Streptococcus thermophilus for added gastrointestinal support.

BrightZymes - Daily Digestive Formula - 90 capsule

BrightZymes Daily Digestive Formula is a plant-based enzyme formula with 8 digestive enzymes per capsule. These enzymes help you digest a variety of food material including proteins, carbohydrates, cellulose and lactose.

  • Enhanced Digestion
  • Helps prevent occasional gas, bloating & indigestion
  • Helps digest proteins, carbs, fats & dairy

What are enzymes?

The food we eat needs to be broken down and digested properly so the body can fully utilize the nutrients it provides. Enzymes do just that. Raw foods contain enzymes, which makes them easier to digest and absorb their nutrients. Cooked or processed foods are often depleted of their natural enzymes because of heating and processing. When you have poor eating habits, or you don’t take the time to eat your food slowly, the food does not get broken down and properly digested.

Why do I need enzymes?

Enzymes are for everyone. Taking enzymes with meals helps to ensure optimal breakdown and maximum nutrient intake from our food. Enzymes are very important because, in addition to helping with digestion, they help strengthen and promote the healthy function of our body tissues.

When humans were living on farms and processing our own foods, we ate a much healthier diet of raw and fermented foods. But today, processed foods lack many of the enzymes we need to digest the food we eat. Because of this, the body must work harder to supply the enzymes needed to break down foods and absorb nutrients so our body can utilize them.

Boost Immunity with a Balanced Digestive System

It might surprise you to know that improving your immune health has a lot to do with keeping your digestive system in balance. That’s because more than 70 percent of your immune defenses can be found in the digestive tract! Part of the reason for a healthy digestive tract is to provide the environment for enzymes to do their job: to break down the food we consume and allow for the maximum nutritional intake. More nutrients equals a healthier and happier you! And when you are properly nourished, the benefits go far beyond better digestion.

* [1] Note: Unless otherwise noted, this product has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. Our natural products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.
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Woman's Multi
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