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Item #32849
Green Coffee Complex by Maxi Health Kosher Vitamins
Green Coffee Complex
Size:60 caplet
Maxi green coffee complex is the all new formula for your weight loss program. Maxi health research has taken the innovative step to combine it with green tea extract, making it an absolutely win-win combination. Not only that, but it's the only kosher certified source of green coffee bean extract available (as of it's roll-out). Your body's need for energy is met by the glucose (c6h12c6) it extracts from the foods you eat. Glucose is contained in all foods to some degree. If glucose enters the blood stream too quickly, you could become hyperglycemic. Under normal circumstances, to prevent this, the body converts the excess glucose to fat. Exactly what you are trying to get rid of. Green coffee beans contain chlorogenic acid, which is considered to slow the release of glucose into the body after a meal. Slower release of glucose helps prevent the storage of glucose as fat and along with your diet program, lets your body demand additional energy by burning fat to reconvert it into glucose. Thus you are getting the glucose you need from the fat you want to get rid of. Green tea extracts is a popular antioxidant. It contains high amounts of polyphenols which stimulates an enzyme that dissolves triglycerides. This can aid in burning fat. It's the perfect partner to coffee bean extract. Make maxi green coffee bean extract part of your weight reduction plan starting today.
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Maxi Health Kosher Vitamins
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