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Item #06012
Homeopathic Female Tonic by Contessa
Homeopathic Female Tonic
Size:8 oz

For temporary relief of PMS, fatigue, mental and physical exhaustion, depression and irritability.


Agnus castus 3x (6.5ml), ambra 3x (6.5ml), caulophyllum thalictroides 4x (6.5ml), cimicifuga 3x (6.5ml), convallaria majalis 3x (6.85ml), crocus 3x (6.5ml), cyclamen 3x (6.5ml), damiana 3x (6.5ml), helonias dioica 2x (6.5ml), hydrastis 3x (6.5ml), lilium tigr 4x (6.5ml), naja trip 8x (6.5ml), senecio aureus 2x (6.5ml), staphisagria 4x (6.5ml), asperula odorata 1x (1.28ml), alchemilla 1x (1.28ml), chamomilla 1x (1.28ml), cinchona 2x (1.28ml), menthae pip 1x (1.28ml), rosmarinus off 1x (1.28ml), and viola odorata 1x (0.8ml). Contains 14% ethyl alcohol.

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