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Brewer's Yeast 100% Pure


Brewers yeast is one of the most perfect foods known. Loaded with proteins, minerals and vitamins, it is amazing how much food value is packed into even a small amount. It provides the protein you want without the extra calories and cholesterol you dont. Since it is low in fat, carbohydrates, sodium and calories, it is especially useful for dieters, vegetarians, diabetics and hypoglycemics. In fact, it seems to have a bounty of nutritional goodness for just about everybody.

The microscopic plant, saccharomyces cerevisiae, commonly referred to as brewers yeast, is nutritionally superior to all other types of yeast. It is one of the best natural sources of the entire B-Vitamin complex. It is a superb source of concentrated protein including all the essential amino acids. In fact, brewers yeast contains about ten times as much protein as the same amount of whole-wheat flour.

It is extraordinarily rich in nucleic acid, which is a basic element in cell development and is believed to retard the aging process. It is the best nutritional source of chromium, which occurs in brewers yeast in an organic compound known as GTF (glucose tolerance factor). This vital factor is essential for the production of functionally effective insulin, without which the body cannot handle glucoseits major fuel. Hypoglycemia results when the blood sugar level rapidly shoots upward, followed by a rapid release of insulin, which in turn overshoots the mark and drives the blood sugar too low. The role of GTF is to moderate insulin activity. First, by potentiating and circulating insulin and then by reducing the amount required to be released. This moderating effect of GTF is important, not only for diabetics and hypoglycemics, but also many of those who have increased hunger or craving for sweets. Brewers yeast has at least ten times more GTF activity than any other natural food.

As if this were not enough, it is also rich in Selenium, Potassium and many other factors too numerous to mention here. All are in a most available form for immediate use by the body. With these nutritional credentials, why doesnt everybody already take brewers yeast every day? The answer is, many people simply cannot take the awful taste.

Lewis Laboratories has discovered and imported a truly good tasting brewers yeast. Not only is it good tasting, but it has a higher protein content and richer nutritional content than any other natural brewers yeast on the market. It is not fortified, nor blended. Absolutely nothing has been added to this natural product.

In today's world they, at Lewis Laboratories, are convinced that both man and animal have moved so far away from natural nutrition that every species needs proper supplementation. They are dedicated to formulating the finest products to provide this. Their products take into account the synergistic interaction between nutritional factors and the fact that each one provides the proportionate nutritional balance for maximum benefit.

Sickness, Health and Nutrition

No one today doubts the connection between good nutrition and good health. Yet, because nutrition is such a new science, nutrition and preventative medicine are not taught in most American medical schools. Doctors are not trained in nutrition even though scientists know nutritional deficiencies are at the root of hundreds of different illnesses and that natural resistance to disease, resulting from balanced nutrition, is the best way to stay healthy. Our doctors are trained to treat sickness, not to prevent it. In ancient China, villagers paid their doctors a regular fee to keep them healthy. If they got sick, they stopped paying until they recovered. Wouldn't it be nice if our doctors had such an incentive plan?

In our society, many people suffer from mental depression or lack of energy and stamina. They are alive but not living. In many cases, these problems can be traced and corrected by improving the nutritional balance in the diet. Until recently, what has not been fully appreciated is the inter-relationship between nutritional factors.


This is a big word. It simply means that the effect of nutrients taken together is greater than when taken separately. Not one of the nutritional factors we need each day works alone – they all interact with each other. In many cases, a single nutrient cannot be used at all in the absence of another! Interaction is essential for the body to produce the estimated 10,000 compounds it makes which are required to keep one healthy, happy and active. They are convinced that the best nutritional supplement is the most complete one.

Unknown Nutritional Factors

As much as they have learned in the last few years about the science of nutrition, they believe they have only scratched the surface. There are many more mysteries in natural food than they have even yet suspected. That is why they have chosen the richest natural food sources in all their products. For example, one of the ingredients they use, wheat-germ oil, was tested on 894 subjects under controlled conditions and analyzed at the University of Illinois by Dr. Thomas K. Cureton, Ph.D. He concluded, “the results show statistically significant effects on several types of endurance performances, total body reaction times, basal metabolism and oxygen intake tests”. They use wheat-germ oil primarily for its Vitamin E content, which is just one reason they prefer natural sources to chemical additives.

In theory, you could probably make the chemical equivalents of most of their products cheaper, and perhaps more easily, based on known nutritional factors. However, it would be a mistake to think they would be the same superior products. The natural ingredients we use are like an insurance policy against unforeseen health concerns. If you are buying fire insurance, you want insurance for any kind of fire, not just those that the experts regard as important.

* [1] Note: Unless otherwise noted, this product has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. Our natural products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.
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