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Raw Male

Size:60 capsule
The male counterparts to the female glands are the testes, which are located in the scrotal sac, and the prostate, which lies at the base of the bladder surrounding the urethra. The chief testicular hormone is testosterone. As estrogen works in the woman, so testosterone works in the man, producing and maintaining male characteristics like increased muscle mass, facial and body hair, a deep voice, and heavier bones. Testosterone also prompts the development of sperm cells within the testes and is central to male fertility. The prostate gland among with the bulbourethral are sponsible for the synthesis of glycoproteins (or mucous) and the buffers and enzymes that make sperm motile and fertile. The excretion is slightly alkaline which neutralizes the acidic excretions of the vas deferens. This neutralizing step greatly increases the chances of fertilization. Orchic tissue is derived from the testes. The testes has two major functions in the male: first if the productionof sperm or reproductive cells and the second in the production of hormones, mainly testosterone for the development of sexual organs and other secondary sexual traits.
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