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Eye Ching

Eye Ching smoothes out the function of the Chinese Liver system, as it relates to the eyes and the way we process change.

It takes great strength to allow change, movement and flexibility to occur. Inflammation is one of the ways the body reacts to change if the individual is in a weakened state. This can manifest as irritated, red or itchy eyes as well as irritated sinuses.

In the Oriental medical system, the Liver relates to the eyes and the way we process change. Again, Liver is with a capital L to distinguish the Chinese Liver system from the specific liver organ. One translation is that the Liver function “sprinkles the chi” so that it does not pool up and occlude or stagnate.

OHCO has a new formula, Eye Ching, which assists the general Liver function, smoothing the flow of chi and easing irritation. Imbalances, and we all have these, will manifest as branches or roots, important images in Chinese medical philosophy. Irritation is a branch symptom usually associated with upsurging energy and an often concurrent emptiness of the Yin. The root of the imbalance may be the need to nourish the Liver and Kidney systems, clear Heat from the Liver or brighten the eyes. Eye Ching addresses both levels.

Because the liver organ is instrumental in clearing toxins it can be damaged if it has to filter too many abuses. We can also challenge that system with anger, an emotional toxin that is difficult for many people to handle. They may suppress anger or have it rage out of control. Change and frustration can also challenge the system and it’s possible to find skin irritations arise as we transition between different parts of our day.

As a result, this formula can be of great benefit during the transitional season of spring and fall when pollens are flying and causing reactions among those with a Liver imbalance. Eye Ching addresses the weakness which gives rise to seasonal reactions and also addresses the irritations that often come about because of this weakness.

There’s a new set of pharmaceutical eye drops advertised which tout several different variations. Some attack redness, others lubricate, and still another offers an antihistamine to relieve itch. These are symptomatic tools that left us wondering how to pick and where to start. The Oriental medical way is to focus on the system level and for the eyes it’s the Liver. If you smooth out its function then chi won’t move in spits and starts. The Chinese see clear Liver function as sprinkled chi - sparkling and free flowing. We hope you’ll see Eye Ching as fortunate eye care.

Herbs Included in Eye Ching:

  • Rehmanniae (prepared root)
  • Corni (fruit)
  • Dioscoreae (rhizome)
  • Alismatis (rhizome)
  • Moutan (cortex)
  • Poria Cocos (fruiting body)
  • Chrysanthemi (flower)
  • Lycii (fruit)
  • Angelicae Sinensis (root)
  • Cassiae (seed)
  • Coptidis (rhizome)
  • Forsythiae (fruit)
  • Gardeniae (fruit)
  • Glycyrrhizae (root)
  • Ladebourlellae (root)
  • Ligustici Wallichi (rhizome)
  • Menthae (herb)
  • Notopterygii (root)
  • Paeoniae Alba (root)
  • Platycodi (root)
  • Schizonepatae (herb)
  • Scutellariae (root)
  • Tribuli (fruit)
  • Viticis (fruit)

About OHCO

OHCO's herbal products and the proprietary technology involved were researched and developed by acupuncturist Donn Hayes. His experience and training in classical Chinese herbology provided the foundation for Cold Snap, Stomach Chi, OHCO-Motion, OHCO-Flow, Eye-Ching and Chi'll Out. His initial study of Oriental Medicine began with an apprenticeship in the Oriental communities of Seattle and Vancouver and continues thirty years later through his private practice and research. He holds a Diplomate of Acupuncture and Chinese Herbs through the National Commission for the Certification of Acupuncturists.

Donn is a truly gifted practitioner who reached beyond the traditional and made a revolutionary contribution to health care reform. He will continue to be active in the development of several new formulas already in the works. He is eager to get his important message before the public about restoring and nourishing the chi. Donn is an experienced speaker and is available to talk to your group on Eastern philosophy, acupuncture, and herbs. He is an avid Macintosh user and spearheads the computer operations at OHCO.

Hannah Hayes earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Elementary Education from Hofstra University and attained a Master's Degree in Educational Administration from Antioch University. After ten years of teaching, she moved on to run her own vegetarian restaurant and to manage an extremely popular local health food store. In the mid-eighties, Hannah started working with Donn's clients to educate them about the principles of Oriental Medicine. During this time, Hannah observed that many patients began requesting that their custom formulas be made available to friends and families.

After studying the safety and efficacy of the formulas in the clinical setting, Hannah created OHCO to bring these wonderful products into the retail marketplace. Her vision and management style has made OHCO into a successful and well-respected company. In addition to being the CEO and President of OHCO, Hannah writes a syndicated bi-weekly opinion column and hopes to soon publish a layperson's guide to Oriental Medicine.

* [1] Note: Unless otherwise noted, this product has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. Our natural products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.