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Item #07256
Inflameric by Olympian Labs
Size:90 capsule

Olympian Labs Inflameric Inflameric contains ingredients designed to nutritionally supports healthy joints and soft tissue. Olympian Labs Inflameric contains oleo-resin from Boswellia serrata, which contains beta-boswellic acids. These compounds have been extensively studied for their nutritional properties. In Ayurvedic Medicine, a combination of Boswellia serrata and curcumin (turmeric) are often used in a formulation for their synergistic effects.

Curcumin is widely used for its anti-inflammatory and antiseptic properties as well. Both curcumin and green tea are sources of powerful phenolic antioxidants which disrupt the signaling process that activates COX-2 gene expression. Devil's Claw contains COX-2 inhibitors, such as harpagosides, clinically proven to improve joint mobility and flexibility. MSM is the stable end-product of methylsulfonylmethane series of compounds that provide all life with a dominant amount of bio-available sulfur. MSM may assist in the building of joint and connective tissues. Gymnema Sylvestre, or "GUR MAR" which literally means, "sugar destroyer", is added to support healthy blood sugar. Balancing blood sugar levels support healthy soft tissue. Vitamin C, Zinc, and an enzyme blend are added to improve circulation and support healthy joints and tissue. The formulation also contains a proprietary herbal base of cat's claw, devil's claw, yucca, and sea cucumber, all of which also support healthy joint and tissue.

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