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Item #08437
Thyadine by Natural Balance
Size:0.5 oz

Thyadine is a liquid colloidal form of iodine that is considered 99% absorbable, making it the most assimilable iodine supplement on the market today. Thyadine's effectiveness for thyroid support is further enhanced by the addition of key homeopathic medicines that address thyroid function, fatigue, obesity, poor digestion, cold hands and feet (common symptoms of nutritional iodine deficiency).

Why is Thyadine Superior to Other Iodine Supplements? Iodine supplements are commonly made from iodine salts (ammonia or potassium iodide) which have to be broken down by the body before the iodine can be absorbed and utilized reducing their effectiveness. Additionally neither capsules or tablets absorb as effectively as liquid iodine. Thyadine Colloidal Iodine is totally unique in that it provides pure stabilized iodine without forming an iodine salt. This means that you get iodine in its purest, most elemental dietary form, that doesn't have to be broken down in the body, making it easier than ever for you to absorb and utilize the iodine so critical to your health. Not only that, Thyadine Colloidal Iodine is 99% absorbable so it quickly assimilates, producing often immediate results in energy, focus and weight loss related to iodine deficiency.

Why Is Iodine Supplementation Critical? * Essential for proper thyroid and metabolic function. * Modern-day soils have been largely stripped of iodine, even creating so-called goiterbelt in areas like the northeastern U.S. * Iodine deficiency leads to clinical or sub-clinical thyroid dysfunction that leads to ongoing fatigue, weight gain, mild to severe bloating (fluid retention), loss of mental clarity and focus, digestion problems, immune dysfunction, cold hands and feet and hormonal imbalances. * Up to 90% of Americans are considered iodine deficient when basal body temperature isused as an indicator. TriMedica's Thyadine provides: Colloidal Iodine from sea kelp. 99% absorbable for maximum benefits! Fucus Vesiculosis 3x (homeopathic) for obesity, poor digestion, constipation and dietary iodine deficiency. Spongia Tosta 3xâ (homeopathic) improves thyroid function and relieves fatigue. Thyroid 3x (homeopathic) improves thyroid function, relieves cold hands and feet, improves weight loss and fatigue.

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