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Item #08485
Prometol by Viobin
Size:100 capsule

Prometol is a unique concentrate of wheat germ oil fortified with d-alpha Tocopherol (derived from natural vegetable oils). It is a source of Octacosanol as well as other policosanols. These fatty acids, which are essential to the diet, provide the building blocks for a variety of polyunsaturated acids used as energy sources for structural lipids. One 10 minim capsule provides:

  • 50% of the U.S. Recommended Daily Allowance of Vitamin E (15 I.U.)
  • A rich source of Essential Fatty Acids including linoleic and linolenic acids.
  • A concentrate of other valuable nutrients found in VIOBIN Wheat Germ Oil including sitosterol, dihydrositosterol, and phospholipids.
Prometol® contains no artificial stabilizers or preservatives. It is a liquid concentrate which comes in soft gelatin 3 and 10 minim capsules. The 3 minim Prometol is the perfect size to make this nutritional supplement convenient for children whose diets are especially lacking in many of these vital nutrients.
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