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Vitamin E Factor Tocotrienols

The vitamin E family, which consists of 8 members (4 different kinds of tocotrienols and 4 different kinds of tocopherols), provides a wide range of health benefits. It supports a healthy circulatory and cardiovascular system, aids in proper blood clotting, improves wound healing, is necessary for tissue repair, promotes healthy hair and skin and can, in effect, slow the aging process. As the "master antioxidant," vitamin E fights the harmful free radicals which increase the risk of chronic disease and accelerate aging. It is an essential component of every wellness and anti-aging program. The levels of vitamin E are significantly higher than what we can obtain from even a well balanced diet. Vitamin E Factor Tocotrienols is incredibly rich in the full spectrum of tocotrienols, which are known to support healthy cholesterol levels, optimal cardiovascular health and potentially reduce the risk of certain cancers, especially breast cancer. These tocopherols are in their unesterified form as found in our food.
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Woman's Multi
Woman's Multi
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