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Asthmatics have extra sensitive airways. Asthma attacks are most often triggered by an allergic reaction from exposure to various stimuli, such as chemicals, animal dander, certain foods, and pollens and from exposure to irritants such as cigarette smoke. Attacks may also result from emotional upset, exercise and excitement. Asma-X5 is an adaptogenic formula containing natural ingredients. Adaptogens function in the body to improve ourâ adaptabilityâ by helping the body deal with the stress and stressors that cause our bodies to react in the form of an asthmatic attack. â Stressorsâ refers to exposure to those physical and emotional stimuli that cause an asthma attack. Adaptogens appear to increase our bodyâ s ability to deal with the stressors that lead to a full asthmatic reaction through support of adrenal and possibly pituitary gland function. By helping the body to adapt around a problem, this will enable it to avoid reaching the point of collapse that forces an asthmatic reaction. Asma-X5 may effectively stop the chain of events that leads to an asthma attack.

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