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Fair Trade Classic Roast Ground Coffee


Cafe Altura Fair Trade Classic Roast Ground Coffee is a blend of three medium-roast coffees from around the globe: South America, Indonesia and Africa. These coffees are certified Fair Trade. The Fair Trade movement advocates the payment of a higher price to farmers as well as higher social and environmental standards.

About Cafe Altura

Cafe Altura was started in 1980 when the viability of organic companies and the nation's interest in organic products was still unknown. Cafe Altura was founded to support the principles of organic farming - sustainability, living wages for farmers and stewardship of some of the worlds most verdant and beautiful landscapers - and to provide an avenue for the quality organic beans to reach the U.S. marketplace. Cafe Altura has remained small in both production capacity and management style to ensure that these concepts remain guiding principles.

Cafe Altura is a shade grown coffee. The shading of the delicate Arabica coffee trees is an important element in the organic management of the coffee farms. The Ecosystem in and around the trees, such as, birds and insects, as well as, the micro level biodiversity in the soil beneath, all benefit from having native trees in the system. As consumers, they see a benefit from the longer ripening times of the cherries providing a more complex flavor.

Cafe Altura roasts and packages their coffee in an Organic Certified roasting facility in Santa Paula, California. All of their coffees are small batch roasted to ensure cup quality and integrity. The coffees are roasted to order and Cafe Altura maintains minimal standing inventory of coffees roasted only days before.