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Malibu Miracle Shake

Size:0.86 lbs


Now that you've achieved exhilarating weight loss success with the Malibu Miracle and Ultra Malibu Miracle juice fast programs, keep the pounds off with Malibu Miracle Maintenance and Malibu Miracle Shake! These two breakthrough products are specifically designed to keep the weight loss momentum going.

Malibu Miracle Maintenance and Malibu Miracle Shake are amazing, all-natural formulas that help promote a feeling of satisfying fullness while simultaneously conditioning the body for optimal weight loss! Malibu Miracle Maintenance and Shake both contain concentrated extracts of pure, exotic red superfruits Noni, Goji, Acai, Mangosteen and Pomegranate, for an amazing and glamorous slimming effect! Used as a meal replacement or just when you need it, Malibu Miracle Shake gives you a remarkable feeling of fullness, while promoting good health for optimal weight loss!

  • As much fiber as two full servings of fruits and vegetables!
  • The phytonutrient goodness from 25 healthful fruits and vegetables!
  • 100% Daily Value of all vitamins!
  • A broad profile of essential minerals!
  • 12 grams of vegetarian protein from soy, pea and rice!
Proper nutrition is easy with Malibu Miracle Shake! Each lusciously delicious wild-berry flavored serving contains whole fruits and vegetables, with 4 grams of filling fiber that satisfies without heavy calories. At just 90 calories, this low-fat, silky smooth shake has 12 grams of energy-enhancing protein to keep you satisfied and keep you going!