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Pancreas Formula  
Pancreas Formula - Christopher's Original Formulas
          This formula helps the pancreas and other affiliated glands, that through malfunction, cause high or low blood sugar (namely hypoglycemia and diabetes). This combination has assisted many that have had hypoglycemia or diabetes. Many have had a glucose tolerance test with a clean bill of health after using this formula. Many reports have come in about heavy insulin users who continue using the insu... [ read more ]
Size: 100 capsules
MSRP: $24.25
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Pancreas Formula Extract  
Pancreas Formula Extract - Christopher's Original Formulas
          A synergistic blend of herbs for the pancreas. This is an amazing gland in the abdomen that produces insulin & helps our body break down foods. When our pancreas is healthy it is self-regulating, working day & night for our entire life. A healthy pancreas is able to produce the right chemicals at the right times in the right quantities in order to properly digest the food we eat. Today's average d... [ read more ]
Size: 2 oz
MSRP: $17.75
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