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Super Lysine Plus Liquid Extract  
Super Lysine Plus Liquid Extract - Quantum Research
          Immune Strengthener / Cold Sore and Herpes Relief This powerful system strength booster with Lysine, Echinacea extract and the powerful cell-restoring nutrient LEM, goes to work instantly! Along with potent doses of Licorice Extract, Goldenseal Root and Vitamin C, our herbal formula also contains the powerful cell-restoring nutrient LEM: a concentrated Shiitake Mycelium Extract ric... [ read more ]
Size: 2 oz
MSRP: $14.99
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TheraZinc - Quantum Research
          Thera Zinc Spray is a super common cold stopping formula designed for those who want their zinc in a better tasting spray form. Thera Zinc Spray can cut your common cold days in half or even stop a cold before it starts if you start using it at the first signs. Thera Zinc also soothes a sore throat and can be used by adults and kids.
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4 oz$9.78Add to Cart
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Thera Zinc Lozenges  
Thera Zinc Lozenges - Quantum Research
          Promote healthy immune system function with Quantum Health TheraZinc. Non-sedating. All-natural. Great new taste. Advanced formula for cold season.
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24 piece, Lemon$7.38Add to Cart
60 piece, Elderberry$11.21Add to Cart
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TheraZinc Lozenges  
TheraZinc Lozenges - Quantum Research
          TheraZinc Lozenges help you during times of seasonal immune challenge. Our drop lozenge is uniquely designed to eliminate the zinc coating taste accompanying most traditional zinc lozenges. Made from ingredients you can trust 7mg Zinc Gluconate per lozenge Organic blend of marshmallow root, slippery elm, and echinacea for a flavorful, soothing sensation
18 count, Elderberry & Raspberry$4.49Add to Cart
18 count, Blood Orange$6.83Add to Cart
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Thera Zinc Lozenges Plus  
Thera Zinc Lozenges Plus - Quantum Research
          Cold Season Plus+ Thera Zinc Lozenges, Orange are flavored lozenges that support immune function, prevent illness, and speed recovery of colds and cold-related symptoms. Cold Season Plus+ Zinc Lozenges with a full 14mg of Ionizable Zinc, non-sedating. New improved taste all natural orange mint lozenges. With extra herbs & vitamin A for system strength.
Size: 24 piece
MSRP: $5.69
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Zinc Echinacea  
Zinc Echinacea - Quantum Research
          Adding Echinacea extract to our already popular Thera Zinc lozenges has been a natural winner. These lozenges also contain immune boosting Bee Propolis and Goldenseal. Studies indicate that Echinacea stimulates the body s immune response. This winter, use the complete Thera-Zinc formula - with Echinacea.
Size: 12 pack, Flavor: Cherry-Mint
MSRP: $35.99
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Zinc Elderberry Raspberry Lozenges  
Zinc Elderberry Raspberry Lozenges - Quantum Research
          All Natural Great Taste Research from Europe suggests that Elderberry and Zinc provide the nutritional support your body craves.
Size: 1.2 oz