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Color Coded Hand Therapy Putty  
Color Coded Hand Therapy Putty - NEW MED
          Newmed Color Coded Hand Therapy Putty is silicone based, unscented, non-toxic and latex free. It is ideal for any rehabilitation program. Each color putty has a resistence consistent with industry standards and color coding allows for easy identification. Used by physical and occupational therapists, athletes, muscians, children and the elderly to name a few groups that use Newmed Hand Therapy Put... [ read more ]
Size: 1 set
MSRP: $10.99
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Newmed for Women Foldable Menstral Cup with Container  
Newmed for Women Foldable Menstral Cup with Container - NEW MED
          MiCycle is designed for women who care about their feminie health. Newmed for Women MiCycle Reusable Menstrual Cups are 100% BPA Free CE and US-FDA Medical Grade Certified. MiCycle Menstrual Cup costs less than tampons and pads and is eco-friendly. Did you know the average woman uses up to 12,000 tampons in her lifetime?! Think of all that waste. Unlike tampons and sanitary napkins, MiCycle cup ne... [ read more ]
Color: Pink
MSRP: $16.49
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Vibrating Mesh Portable Nebulizer  
Vibrating Mesh Portable Nebulizer - NEW MED
          The Newmed Vibrating Mesh Portable Nebulizer is compact, lightweight, and portable. The silent vibrating mesh technology creates a fine mist for better absorption and delivers treatment in less than 10 minutes for most medications. Easy to use for both children and adults requiring respiratory therapy. In addition to fast and quiet treatment, other features include fast charging long lasting li-po... [ read more ]
MSRP: $49.89
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