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Ultra ActiZyme

Size:90 tablets


The human body must both digest and absorb foods and nutrients or they will be essentially useless. But simply throwing something into the stomach doesn't guarantee it will be optimally digested or absorbed. Inadequate production of digestive enzymes, intestinal flora imbalance, simple individual variability and other factors can inhibit optimal digestion and absorption.

Ultra ActiZyme with Activessence is the most advanced formula of its kind, delivering the amazing benefits of healthy digestive function. With an enhanced profile of live food enzymes, lactic flora accelerants and absorption enhancers, Ultra ActiZyme addresses several key GI factors: digestion, absorption and probiotic balance.

  • Digestion: Highly active digestive enzymes, now supercharged with Activessence and Nzym-5, help to optimize the benefits of great digestion.
  • Absorption: Nattokinase, Bioperine, phytase and other nutrients support healthy blood flow through the intestines, enhancing nutrient absorption.
  • Probiotic Balance: Pure fructooligosaccharides (FOS) foster the growth of Lactospore (probiotic intestinal flora), supporting healthy nutrient absorption.
Ultra ActiZyme's proprietary Bi-Layered Release System delivers key nutrients to their proper location along the GI tract. Digestive enzymes and critical absorption factors are delivered quickly through the tablet's immediate-release layer. Probiotic Lactospore and FOS, the probiotic accelerant, remain protected longer in the extended-release layer, for better delivery to the large intestines. For efficient digestion, maximum absorption and a healthy intestinal environment, no product can match the all-natural power of Ultra ActiZyme with Activessence!