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Calcium Magnesium


Certified Gluten Free

This product contains extremely well-utilized Gluten Free forms of calcium and magnesium, plus silicon, boron and a full spectrum of ionic trace minerals from an ancient inland sea. Trace minerals, vitamins and many other factors are essential for bone health. Bone is a dynamic, living tissue. It is a major storehouse for our body's demands for calcium, magnesium, phosphorous and a host of other nutrients. Bone constituents are constantly recycled in the body while new bone is made. In fact, every bone cell in our body is replaced once every three months. The formation of healthy bone requires the presence of more than 18 different essential nutrients and probably many more as yet unidentified as essential. That's why it is important to think of bone health as requiring a whole lot more than just calcium.

•Superior absorption of calcium, magnesium and trace minerals
•Broad-spectrum, bioavailable ionic trace minerals and micronutrients from pure, concentrated low-sodium seawater
•Silica, boron and vitamin D2 for increased calcium utilization
•Increased calcium utilization