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Acai Liquid

Size:30 oz


Acai Liquid provides the unique nutritional benefits of acai, the great antioxidant super fruit, in every luscious acai/exotic fruit-flavored serving! Featuring health-promoting whole acai extract, Nature's Plus Acai Liquid delivers specialized nutrition for peak vitality and free radical defense.

Even among the superfruit, acai stands out with superior antioxidant capacity and an impressive array of therapeutic uses. The acai berry, with its amazing multifaceted antioxidant properties, makes it popular for anti-aging, energizing, cardiovascular, digestive, metabolic and weight loss support and more!

Acai is the ultimate antioxidant and anti-aging solution for overall well-being! Now enjoy what the indigenous cultures of South and Central America have enjoyed for millennia - the rich exotic flavor and astounding health-boosting effects of acai berries and juice.

Features & Benefits:

  • Vegetarian and Gluten-Free
  •  High strength 4,500 mg of pure, delicious, superior quality whole acai extract
  • Delivers 450 mg of health-boosting polyphenols for maximum phytonutrient benefits
  • The refreshing, delectable, intriguing flavor of rejuvenating acai and exotic fruit
  • Over 10x the antioxidant activity of grapes and 2x that of blueberries
  • Ultimate antioxidant solution for healthy aging and overall well-being
  • A perfect, convenient addition to protein shakes, smoothies, juice blends and other recipes
  • Powerfully nutritious for everybody - young or old, kids and grandparents, moms and dads
  • Quality and potency verified by independent laboratory testing and assay

Increasingly regarded as a true "wonder fruit," the acai berry has skyrocketed to natural health superstardom thanks to its amazing antioxidant properties. Now Nature's Plus offers this amazing ancient berry in liquid form, irresistably luscious Acai Liquid! Bursting with the unique flavor of acai and highlighted with other tantalizing exotic fruit flavors, Nature's Plus Acai Liquid delivers acai's powerful anti-aging, antioxidant activity in the world's most delicious liquid form!

Acai was well on its way to becoming the world's premier superfruit long before the media extrolled its amazing anti-aging, antioxidant power. Research studies show healthful effects ranging from improved energy levels to enhanced immune response to modulation of the body's inflammation. The popularity of acai berry products was already growing by leaps and bounds, but with the media's recent attention, acai's popularity is now exploding at an exponential rate.