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Healthy Gums Daily Oral Rinse Peppermint Twist

Size:16.9 oz


The Natural Dentist Healthy Gums Daily Oral Rinse has been clinically tested and proven to kill germs better than the leading national brand. And it contains no harsh chemicals, no alcohol, and no artificial sweeteners, dyes, or preservatives. Natural Dentist Healthy Gums Daily Oral Rinse, Natural Peppermint Twist Flavor helps to fight plaque, soothes bleeding gums, promotes gum health, kills germs that cause gingivitis, and freshens breath with a pleasant tasting herbal formulation recommended for children. Reduces and relieves swollen gums, soothes bleeding gums, fights plaque. 100% natural. For temporary relief of minor discomfort and protection of irritated areas in sore mouth and/or sore throat. Soothes swollen gums, relieves irritated gums.