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Ultra Energy Acai Bars

Size:Box of 12


Nature's Plus is pleased to add the luscious new Ultra Energy Acai Bar to its superb line of acai products, already the most extensive available. Now, with the take-along convenience of a mouthwatering nutrition bar, you have unlimited ways to enjoy acai's health benefits!

Acai berry is now the world's most popular superfruit for anti-aging, energizing, cardiovascular, digestive, metabolic and weight loss support. And only Nature's Plus Ultra Energy Acai Bar features 1000 mg of powerful, antioxidant-rich standardized acai berry extract and whole fruit concentrate in every bar! Nature's Plus Ultra Energy Acai Bar tantalizes your senses with the unique flavor of acai berry, sumptuous chocolate and the crispy crunch of Tri-Part Protein* and micro-filtered whey protein. All this nutritional goodness is further enhanced with the synergistic phytonutrients of 135 whole foods.

Nature's Plus Ultra Energy Acai Bar provides:

  • 1000 mg of superior quality standardized acai berry extract and acai whole fruit concentrate
  • standardized 10% phenolics
  • refreshingly delicious chocolate berry flavor
  • the metabolic and weight management activity that has made acai famous around the world
  • 135 whole food concentrates and extracts
  • take-along convenience that only a delicious, nutritious bar can provide

Nature's Plus Ultra Energy Acai Bar promotes the energy, vitality and optimal free radical defense you demand!