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Lice Prevention Detangling Spray

Size:8 oz


Ladibugs Mint Detangling Spray can be used daily to detangle and condition the hair. It is formulated with the highest quality ingredients, making this a superior product for both its conditioning properties as well as a quality head lice deterrent.

The 411 on lice

The head louse, or Pediculus humanus capitis, is a parasitic insect that can be found on the head and, more rarely, the eyebrows and eyelashes of people. Head lice feed on human blood several times a day and live close to the scalp to maintain their body temperature.

You may suspect that your child has lice if he or she has any of the following symptoms:

  • Tickling feeling of something moving in the hair.
  • Excessive itching, usually caused by an allergic reaction to the bites.
  • Irritability and difficulty sleeping; head lice are most active in the dark.
  • Sores on the head caused by scratching.

Here's what to do:

First, look closely for crawling nymphs or adults. Finding them can be difficult. There are typically few of them, and they can move quickly. However, they are usually visible to the naked eye. Using a magnifying lens and/or light may help.

Next, look for nits (eggs). In an active case of head lice, you'll most likely find nits within 1/4 inch of the scalp. If you only find nits more than 1/4 inch from the scalp, the infestation could be old and may not need to be treated.

If you are still unsure, take your child to the doctor, a school nurse or other health care provider.

Natural lice treatment

Many claim that natural remedies are 'anecdotal' (unreliable) and are not scientifically proven. But independent studies of parents and caregivers show that there are many different natural therapies that are completely effective. Ladibugs pesticide-free products prevent and treat lice without pesticides or toxic, harsh chemicals. High quality ingredients and essential oils naturally eliminate and prevent head lice infestations.

Ladibugs Lice Products Ingredients

Developed with a chemist and a team of hair care professionals, Ladibugs products include both lice elimination and prevention. Ladibugs Hair Care products:

  • Contain NO PESTIDES!
  • Are safe for the entire family.
  • Good for your scalp and hair.
  • Are made from over 96% Natural resources.
  • Are made from 100% Renewable resources!
  • Are 100% Biodegradable!
  • Are made in the USA!