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Probalanze Probiotics

Size:60 capsule


ProBalanze is the leader in cutting edge probiotic supplements, with organic mushrooms, organic whole foods, and 6 beneficial probiotics. Research has shown organic whole foods, organic mushrooms, and a healthy digestive tract support a healthy body and mind. ProBalanze contains a blend of six live beneficial Probiotics-4 billion each at time of manufacture-to help support a healthy digestive tract and immune system. ProBalanze also contains a wellness blend of organic blueberries, organic mushrooms, orgnic flax seed, organic ginger, calcium from algae, and organic whole foods that may stabilize probiotics. Other Probiotics do not contain these beneficial ingredients.

What is a probiotic?

The term probiotic means "for life" Probiotics are healthy bacteria essential for many vital body functions including: a healthy colon, immune system, and healthy digestive tract. Research suggests organic whole foods, organic mushrooms, organic blueberries, algae, and probiotics may boost your immune system, improve digestion, increase nutrient absorption, and detoxification.