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Himalayan Salt Scrub


Enjoy their Evolution Salt Company Himalayan Salt Scrub Natural, which is great for detoxifying and nourishing your skin with 84 essential minerals. This healing mixture of natural antibiotics and mineral rich Himalayan Crystal Salt removes roughness, dullness and skin stressors, while purifying the body and reinvigorating the flow of energy to restore balance. Improve circulation and boost cell re-growth - beneficial for all skin types.

Salt and water are the essence of life and the foundation of health, so a healthy relationship with salt is critical to their health and wellness. Salt is the conduit for the electric charge, which gives energy to their cells and is the basis for every action in their bodies. Salt regulates blood pressure (in conjunction with water), removes excess acidity from the cells of their bodies, and regulates water retention to keep cells hydrated. In short, salt is as important to bodies as water. All salt is NOT the same!

What is Himalayan Crystal Salt?

Himalayan crystal salt is the healthiest salt on Earth. It contains 84 trace elements and minerals; the highest mineral and elemental content of any salt on the planet. These minerals and elements are vital for optimal health and wellness. Their body’s cells contain the exact 84 trace elements and minerals in the exact ratios as Himalayan crystal salt. When you consume or absorb the 84 trace elements and minerals from Himalayan crystal salt, you are replenishing and mineralizing your body’s cells.

Over 260 million years ago, a vast primordial ocean covered the Himalayas. The salt from the unpolluted ocean was preserved as large crystal formations in the foothills of the Himalayan Mountains, making Himalayan salt absolutely pristine and natural, identical in composition to the ancient primal ocean.

Evolution Himalayan Crystal Salt is pristine, pure and 100% natural and raw. It is the most beneficial and cleanest salt available on their planet. Their salt is never heated, treated, refined or processed in any way. It is hand extracted, water washed, air-dried and stone ground and contains all of the 84 trace elements found in their bodies. The minerals are raw in their most natural and easily absorbed form making it easy for the body to metabolize.