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Size:84 gelcaps


Promotes Calmness and Mental Clarity During Times of Stress. Enjoy Feeling Balanced & Relaxed.

Finding calm in a world of constant stress can seem an impossible task at times, but it is essential to attaining mental, emotional and physical health. Stress Defy Balance & Relaxed is specially formulated to create a healthy stress response by promoting relaxation, mental clarity and replenishing stress-fighting reserves.*

  • Calm nerves: A blend of botanicals, minerals and 5-HTP work to gently relax the body and mind*
  • Increase mental clarity: Ginkgo and L-theanine, two nutrients studied to support memory and brain function, promote mental clarity under times of stress*
  • Restore stress-fighting reserves: A blend of B vitamins and botanicals support energy producing pathways and may improve the bodys resistance to stress*