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Newmed for Women Foldable Menstral Cup with Container



MiCycle is designed for women who care about their feminie health. Newmed for Women MiCycle Reusable Menstrual Cups are 100% BPA Free CE and US-FDA Medical Grade Certified.

MiCycle Menstrual Cup costs less than tampons and pads and is eco-friendly. Did you know the average woman uses up to 12,000 tampons in her lifetime?! Think of all that waste. Unlike tampons and sanitary napkins, MiCycle cup needs to be changed twice on light days and maybe 4 times on heavy days depending on your individual flow.

Menstrual cups don't absorb, they collect - this means that they prevent the dryness often caused by tampons. The MiCycle cup will not disrupt your pH balance. They are versatile to go swimming, hiking, or whatever! Without the fear of leaking.

Included is a food grade silicone washing/sterizing cup to clean and store your cup inbetween cycles. The discreet container can also be used to keep your cup in your purse or desk. No one will know!

  • Stay Active and Comfortable
  • Easy to Use
  • Leak Resisitant
  • Foldable Silicone Washing Cup with lid is used to sterilize and store your cup
  • Step by Step instructions are included for first time users
  • Affordable, Non-invasive, and Comfortable
  • One Size Fits Most