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Half Lens Vision Training Pinhole Glasses

Color:Brown frame


Natural Eyes Vision Training Pin Hole Glasses is a safe and completely natural relaxation technique for your eyes. Contrary to what most people think, vision is more than just opening the eyes and seeing the world. In fact, vision comprises more than ten different functions, the most common being:

  • Accommodation - the ability of the eyes to focus.
  • Convergence - the ability to bring the eyes inward when looking at close objects.
  • Divergence - the ability of the eyes to go outward when looking from far to near.
  • Version - the ability of the eyes to look and follow objects in all directions.
  • Steropsis - the ability to judge the relative distance of objects and to see in three dimension.
  • Saccades - the ability to quickly look from one object to another.

Along with the various functions involved with vision, we must also recognize that vision may be enhanced with practice. The ability to practice the various functions involved with vision is what vision training is all about.