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Size:90 tablets

Dr. Shen's Allergy pills contain no Ma Huang (ephedra), synthesized ephedrine or pseudoephedrines. They will not cause drowsiness or agitation.

TRADITIONAL USES: Used for airborn allergies such as dust, pollen, mould, or animal hair, etc. Used to relieve itchy eyes, runny nose, and general allergy symptoms.

SOURCE: Traditional patent medicine, Min Kan Wan or Pollen Allergy Pill.

DOSAGE: Adults: 3-6 tablets at a time, three times a day. Children: Crush one tablet for every 25 lbs. of body weight. Mix with food or syrup.

SUGGESTIONS: This formula can be taken alone for relief of mild to moderate allergy symptoms. For added relief of sinus and nasal symptoms, it can be combined with Dr. Shen's Sinus and Nose Pills. For added relief of itchy eyes, it can be taken with strong Chrysanthemum tea. For best results, take most Chinese herbal pills on an empty stomach with warm water. Allow half an hour before taking food or other medicines. Dr. Shen's Allergy Pills are meant to address the symptomatic aspect of allergies, known as the Branch. To treat the deeper, causative aspect of the disease, known as the Root , see a qualified practitioner of Oriental medicine.

PRACTITIONER NOTES: For year-round or persistant allergies due to Liver Heat Rising or Free & Easy Pills.

TRADITIONAL FUNCTIONS: Clears Heat, Relieves Surface, Drains Dampnes, Cleans Toxin, Opens the Channels, Brightens Eyes.


Angelica Dahurica, Angelica Root, Bai Zhi 75 mg: Expells Wind, releases surface, alleviates pain, reduces swelling, expells dampness and alleviates discharge
Magnolia Flos, Magnolia Bud, Xin Ye Hua 75 mg: Expells Wind, relieves surface, opens nasal passages
Anemarrhena Radix, Anemarrhena Root, Zhi Mu 75 mg: Clears Heat, Quells Fire, Nurtures Yin, Moistens the Dry
Centepeda Herba, Centipede Plant, Shi Hu Sui 75 mg: Dissolves Plegm, Expells Wind, Disperses Cold, Removes Damp, Removes Film
Agastach Pogostemi, Patchouli Plant, Huo Xiang 75 mg: Transforms Dampness, Releases the Exterior, Harmonizes the Center, Expells Dampness
Liquidambar Fructus, Liquidambar Fruit, Lu Lu Tong 75 mg: Promotes the Flow of Qi and Blood, Unblocks the Channels, Opens the Middle Burner
Xanthium Fructus, Cocklebur Fruit, Cang Er Zi 75 mg: Opens the Nasal Passages, Disperses Wind, Expells Dampness, Relieves Itching
Cassia Torre Sm., Sicklepod Seed, Ju Ming Zi 37.5 mg: Clears the Vision, Expells Wind Heat, Benefits the Eyes, Clears the Liver
Herba Mentha, Mint Leaf, Bo He 37.5 mg: Clears the Head and Eyes, Benefits the Throat, Disperses Wind Heat, Encourages the Flow of Liver Qi
Ledebouriella Rx., Siler Root, Fang Feng 37.5 mg: Releases Exterior, Expells Wind , Alleviates Pain
Hb. Schizonepeta, Hairy Sage, Jing JIe 37.5 mg: Releases the Exterior, Expells Wind Heat and Wind Cold, Alleviates Itching
Cortex Mori Albae Radices, Mulberry Root Bark, Sang Bai Pi 37.5 mg: Clears Heat from the Lungs, Reduces edema
Cortex Moutan Radicis, Tree Peony Root Bark, Mu Dan Pi 37.5 mg: Clears Heat, Cools Blood, Invigorates Blood, Reduces Swelling, Clears Ascending Liver Fire

WARNING: This product can expose you to chemicals including Lead, which is known to the State of California to cause birth defects or other reproductive harm. For more information visit:
* [1] Note: Unless otherwise noted, this product has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. Our natural products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.