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Fibro Malic

Size:180 capsules


Fibro Malic uses a special blend of magnesiums to help your body absorb more oxygen at the cellular level and aid in the production of ATP which fuels your body and gives you the energy to do everyday things without fatigue and muscle pain.

But that is just part of the story.

Is Fibro Malic™ safe?

Absolutley. Besides being all natural with no additives or drugs of any kind, since 1988, Fibro Malic has been serving the needs of men and women everywhere and without common side effects experienced with many other products. In all the years and untold number of customers, rarely is there anyone who has not gotten relief from the symptoms of Fibromyalgia or had a negative experience.

Why Should I choose Fibro Malic?

  • Get a reduction in joint and soft tissue pain.
  • Decrease in inflamation.
  • Increased energy to get started and reduce fatigue.
  • Increased stamina with ability to work longer.
  • Improve your sleep patterns.
  • Relax nerves and body tension.
  • Reduce muscle cramps, spasms and pain.
  • Alleviate many aches and bothersome discomforts

Fibro Malic capsules are free from alar, sugar, starch, corn, antigens, dairy products, wheat products, yeast products, fish oil, artificial flavors or preservatives.

Suggested Use: As a source of Magnesium and Malic acid, take (3) capsules in the morning and evening with food or as directed by a health care professional.

Cautions: If you are pregnant, seek the advice of a health care professional before using this or any dietary supplement. Keep Out of the Reach of Children.