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Performance Energy Multivitamin for Men


For Physical & Sexual Energy, Stimulant-Free Natural Fuel, Promotes Stamina & Endurance

Performance Energy Multivitamin for Men
Cutting-edge nutrition to support mens physical and sexual energy, featuring eleuthero, to increase stamina, vitality and endurance,* plus power factors like superfoods, amino acids and octocosanol for natural fuel

Precision Nutrition to Support Mens Physical & Sexual Energy
The most sophisticated and comprehensive multivitamin of its kind, iron-free Performance Energy Multivitamin for Men promotes stamina and endurancev with invigorating herbs and energizing foods, and delivers essential nutrition customized to meet mens daily health needs. It supports mens physical and sexual energy with:
Targeted Nutrition from a broad spectrum of essential vitamins and minerals for mens specific nutritional requirements, including high potency B vitamins, which help convert food into energy, and extra zinc.
Stimulant-Free Natural Fuel from octacosanol (from spinach) and amino acids plus energizing superfoods for whole food nutrition.
Invigorating Herbal Action a potent herbal blend
promotes mens physical and sexual energy with
3,000 mg hpe* of eleuthero, which increases stamina, vitality and endurancev, plus Asian ginseng and muira puama, both traditionally used to enhance sexual energy.