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RealSalt Gourmet Sea Salt


Taste the goodness and award-winning flavor of RealSalt!

Long before the earth knew pollutants of any kind, a huge, ancient sea covered what is now North America. Pure, natural salt was the main ingredient of this sea, and over millions of years, the water evaporated, leaving the salt in undisturbed deposits. At some point during the earth's Jurassic era, a range of volcanos erupted around the ancient sea bed, sealing the salt with layers of thick volcanic ash, protecting these precious deposits against the pollution that man would eventually introduce into the environment. Near the small town of Redmond, in central Utah, approximately 200 miles south of Salt Lake City, we extract this hand-selected salt from deep within the earth, and bring it to you in its pure, natural state-without any additives, chemicals, or heat processing. This is RealSalt, full of flavor and natural goodness-the way salt was meant to be savored!

You haven't experienced flavor until you try our new line of seasoning salts - the goodness of real salt in an onion salt, garlic salt and a zesty season salt.

See the Difference:
Compared to RealSalt brand salt, regular "table salts" and also many sea salts appear stark white because they have undergone harsh bleaching and refining process. Unlike RealSalt, these salts are filled with silicates, dextrose and other additives. By contrast, RealSalt is extracted from deep within the earth, crushed, screened and packaged without any bleaching or refining. RealSalt's unique "pinkish" appearance and flecks of color are the result of more than 50 natural trace minerals essential to human health (including natural iodine).

Taste the Difference:
RealSalt's incredible taste is truly unique and something only Mother Nature could create. We bring RealSalt to you in its natural state, without additives or chemicals of any kind.

Sizes may be approximate.