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Everyday Detox Tea


Promotes Healthy Liver Function*

Kosher Certified

EveryDay Detox® Tea promotes healthy liver function.* It also helps digest fats and promotes digestion by aiding in the manufacture of bile.* EveryDay Detox® Tea is based on a Traditional Chinese Medicine formula to benefit and nourish liver and kidney functions, organs that play important roles in detoxifying your body. Gynostemma, schisandra and lycium have shown significant antioxidant and liver detoxification activity.* EveryDay Detox® Tea can be used daily because it does not contain any harsh laxative or purgative herbs. We wish you good health!

Ingredients: Schisandra fruit, dry aqueous extract (10:1) 225 mg, Lycium fruit dry aqueous extract (12:1) 75 mg, Schisandra fruit [PPRC] 75 mg.           

Proprietary Blend: 1,125 mg, Gynostemma herb, Organic ginger rhizome [JP], Organic licorice root  [PhEur], Organic kukicha twig, Organic black pepper fruit  [PPRC].

Caution: Consult a health care provider prior to use if you have gallstones, a blood coagulation disorder, or are taking blood thinners. Avoid use if you have diarrhea.

Do not use if pregnant or breast-feeding.