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Digestive Health

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Enhanced Super Digestive Enzymes  
Enhanced Super Digestive Enzymes - Life Extension
          The aging process and certain health issues cause a reduction in the body's production of digestive enzymes. One effect of this reduction is a bloated feeling soon after eating a large meal. Digestive enzymes are essential to the body's absorption and full use of food. The primary digestive enzymes are protease (to digest protein), amylase (to digest carbohydrate), and lipase (to digest fat). Thes... [Read More]
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Lactoferrin - Life Extension
          A minor fraction of whey, lactoferrin appears to have a wide variety of uses in biological systems and is considered a first line immune defense in the human body. Though a natural component of cow's and human mother's milk, lactoferrin is found throughout the human body.
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Esophageal Guardian  
Esophageal Guardian - Life Extension
          The blend of all-natural ingredients in Esophageal Guardian provides a totally unique approach to protecting esophageal tissue against harsh stomach acids. Esophageal Guardian involves the formation of a temporary physical barrier or raft between the stomach and the esophagus. Alginic acid forms a gel and potassium bicarbonate produces bubbles that get trapped in that gel-producing a floating foam... [Read More]
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Florassist GI with Phage Technology  
Florassist GI with Phage Technology - Life Extension
          Dual Encapsulated Probiotic Blend for Intestinal Health.
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Florassist Prebiotic Chewables  
Florassist Prebiotic Chewables - Life Extension
          Probiotic bacteria help promote a healthy digestive environment - but how do you promote a healthy environment for beneficial probiotics? Each strawberry flavored tablet of FLORASSIST Prebiotic Chewable contains a scientifically validated dose of PreticX prebiotic fiber, which contains 70% xylooligosaccharides to optimize growth potential of the beneficial bifidobacteria. If you are taking a PRO-... [Read More]
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Florassist Balance  
Florassist Balance - Life Extension
          FlorAssist Balance uses dual encapsulation technology to deliver live bacterial colonies to your gut, where your body needs them most. And while many supplements provide just one species of bacteria, FlorAssist provides six - all of them potent Lactobacillus and Bifidobacterium strains - to help better fight off bad bacteria, optimize digestive health, maintain a healthy immune response, and provi... [Read More]
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