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Brassia Oil  
Brassia Oil - Caribbean Solutions
          A tanning oil as unique as the orchid it is named for is. The Brassia orchid, which grows wild in Hawaiia, is the one of the only orchids with an aroma or smell. Never will you achieve a tan like you will when using Brassia, nor will your skin be as conditioned as it will be when it is exposed to the ingredients in Brassia. UV rays know no limits, so supplementing the skin with nourishment when i... [Read More]
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Faces Only SPF 20  
Faces Only SPF 20 - Caribbean Solutions
          Natural sunscreen for Faces Only, is a state-of-the-art facial formula designed to restore the youthful texture of the face, while blocking the UV rays of the sun. The use of selected Natural Hawaiian Sea Plants, shown to increase the elasticity in facial skin tissue and natural Titanuim Dioxide and natural Zinc that blocks both UVB & UVA rays, provides you a unique ANTI AGING FACIAL CREME with a ... [Read More]
Suggested: $16.99
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Jade Oil  
Jade Oil - Caribbean Solutions
          Jade Oil is a natural, deep pentrating tanning oil that profides natural Vitamin E and moisturizing capabilities for the skin. Sunflower and Pot Marigold oils are the predominant ingredients in Jade Oil. These oils are know for their anti-oxidant and skin conditioning traits. Jade Oil penetrates numerous layers of skin and, therefore, keep many layers moist so the UV rays of the sun do not dry out... [Read More]
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Kukui Body Silk  
Kukui Body Silk - Caribbean Solutions
          Our Natural Kukui Body Silk consists of ORGANIC ALOE LEAF, kukui pod oil, rosehips oil, and squalene oil from olives, along with other rich, tropical ingredients shown to replenish your skin with the moisture it needs to remain youthful and healthy. Drying elements, such as the sun and wind, chlorine and salt, dry heat from furnaces, and dry air from air conditioners cause the skin to age due to d... [Read More]
Suggested: $15.19
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Natural Beach Color Self Tanner  
Natural Beach Color Self Tanner - Caribbean Solutions
          Caribbean Solutions Natural Beach Colours Self Tanner will give you that natural, golden look just like from days at the beach. Caribbean Solutions Natural Beach Colours Self Tanner is a soft cr me enabling you to apply this unique self tanner evenly over areas. It is best to have cleansed or exfoliated the area(s) of potential application. The area of application should be dry. Apply Caribbean... [Read More]
Suggested: $18.99
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Onyx Oil  
Onyx Oil - Caribbean Solutions
          Caribbean Solutions Onyx Oil is an exquisite, deep penetrating oil that will give you the tan you thought could never achieve and as rare as the stone itself. As a door looks richer with 10 coats of paint instead of 5, your skin tone will look richer because of multiple layers of skin have been enriched with moisturizing nutrients that afford your skin the supplements it requires when exposed to h... [Read More]
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Pet Hot Spot Relief Gel  
Pet Hot Spot Relief Gel - Caribbean Solutions
          Your dog has been licking and chewing on a spot for the better part of the day? The spot has now become a raw, open sore that is possibly oozing fluid. Your best friend may have a skin infection known to vets as Pyotraumatic Dermitius, or HOT SPOTS. Hot Spot Relief Gel will immediately begin to relieve and heal the problem when applied directly to the effected area(s). The combination of Natural E... [Read More]
Suggested: $19.99
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Solguard SPF 15  
Solguard SPF 15 - Caribbean Solutions
          The Sol guard SPF 15 Natural Sunscreen is a non toxic, unique blend of natural skin conditioning ingredients along with the natural minerals, Titanium Dioxide and transparent Zinc Oxide that provide true Broad Spectrum Protection, blocking both UVB & UVA sun rays. These natural ingredients, including Cucumber extracts, Organic Aloe Vera and Kukui Pod oil, assist the skin's ability to hydrate and c... [Read More]
Suggested: $16.99
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Sol Kid Kare SPF 25  
Sol Kid Kare SPF 25 - Caribbean Solutions
          Sol Kid Kare SPF 25 Biodegradable Sunscreen provides the most UVB & UVA protection needed for kids or children. No More Pain! No More Tears! No More Squirming!Not from the little ones when applying our sunscreen protection, because there are no harsh chemicals, that burn tender skin, in our formula. Use Kid Kare SPF 25 to provide maximum protection for your baby and/or kids. Enjoy and have Fun in ... [Read More]
Suggested: $16.99
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