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Cremede Chocolate Antioxidant Drink

Size:2 oz
Creme de Chocolat is a liquid infusion of pure cocoa powder and white tea anti-oxidants, naturally sweetened with Stevia and the Lo Han fruit. This heavenly combination offers an effective over-all health maintenance formula that provides you with the multiple benefits of polyphenols and best of all it contains NO sugar, NO preservatives, NO artificial flavors and most importantlyâ ¦NO calories. It is perfect for your whole family; especially the kids (young and old). Simply add one or two dropper fulls of Crème de Chocolat to 6 ounces of milk or water, warm or cold, for a rich chocolate beverage. Enjoy all the anti-oxidant benefits of chocolate without any of the fats, calories or sugars typically found in chocolate bars and syrups. Chocolate has finally met his match. --Promotes a healthy immune response --Supports a healthy cardiovascular system --Helps fight free radicals and the oxidation of LDL cholesterol --Promotes brain health and mental clarity --Promotes and nurtures healthy, smooth and supple skin --Supports good moods All natural-deep chocolate taste and aroma Fat FREE, Calorie FREE, Preservative FREE, Caffeine FREE, Alcohol FREE HerbaSwayâ s Crème de Chocolat has come to save the day.
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